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Leverage the power of ALOE


Leveraging the Power of Aloe


For centuries the world has known about the many benefits and the healing powers of Aloe Vera, but did you know that Aloe can also be used as an organic fertilizer which can enhance a healthier growth of Cannabis.

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Just as aloe vera accelerates the healing process of injuries when we apply it to our body, or strengthens our immune system when we drink it, Aloe420 enhances a plants natural defense system to:

  • Repel Pests and Insects, but does not harm bees or other beneficial insects

  • Ward off diseases, mold, fungus, powdery mildew, bacteria, and more

  • Eradicate spider mites, fungus gnats, thrips, aphids, and other pests without the use of pesticides.

  • Allows the final harvest to pass ALL required state chemical testing

  • Significantly increase yields.

  • Produce larger, greener, healthier crops

  • Increase nutrient and moisture utilization, due to lignins in aloe vera


Zero Negative Environmental Impacts

Unlike current agribusiness products and practices, the use of Aloe420 has no negative impact on our environment. Compare that to traditional herbicides and pesticides!

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Using Aloe420 to Increase Cannabis/Hemp Yield

Natural and eco-friendly, Aloe420 is suitable for use in areas where synthetic chemicals cannot be used. This chemical-free 100% aloe product enhances nutrient uptake and increases plant growth due to the natural growth hormone, Gibberellin. It also contains Lignin, a natural biopolymer, which allows plants to utilize the food at its root system more effectively while also promoting efficient water usage.

Incorporating Aloe420 into Your Growing Season

Aloe420 is designed to align with your existing spray schedule – ensuring cannabis farmers aren’t forced to engage in extra steps or pay for additional labour. When you work with us, we’ll discuss your existing treatment regimen and match the correct solution ratio according to your farm’s method of growing, specific environmental conditions, and production/propagation goals.

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The Natural Power
of Aloe Vera in Agriculture

"….Cannabis production brings with it a number of challenges. First among them is that the cannabis plant has not developed the kind of resistance to disease that other crops have, simply because the plant has barely been researched, let alone bred to be disease resistant."


Pests and pathogens are a problem in all agriculture. But the particular pathogens that attack the modern cannabis plants, they’re just not equipped, at this stage to fight back against.”


   Enter Aloe420...


Made from 100% aloe vera using a 50-year-old patented whole leaf process, Aloe420 is an all-natural bio-stimulant soil amendment designed to enhance the healthier growth of cannabis. 

Aloe420 contains ZERO additives, by-products, or any other ingredients.

Aloe420 is both OMRI listed and Ecocert certified, allowing the grower to pass all organic requirements.

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Aloe420 Key Attribute

By boosting the plants own immune system, it is better able to fight off diseases and detrimental pests

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